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Joseph E. Batis, MAI, R/W-AC

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President of EDWARD J. BATIS & ASSOCIATES, INC., functioning as a Consultant and Appraiser. EDWARD J. BATIS & ASSOCIATES, INC., is organized to perform a comprehensive service in real estate valuation and counseling.


Mr. Batis is the developer and exclusive instructor for two seminars: Understanding Easements – What Is Being Acquired? and Developments and Easements – Can They Co-Exist? The seminars were promoted by the Appraisal Institute and had their initial offering in 2004 for state certified and designated appraisers in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.


Mr. Batis has been retained by clients to manage and coordinate valuation activities for large-scale acquisition projects. The scope of Mr. Batis’ role has included the screening, interviewing and retaining of experts, training and consultation, reviews of work product, and assistance in the preparation of witnesses for trial testimony. Mr. Batis has been responsible for multiple projects including easement acquisitions extending several hundred miles and involving several thousand parcels of real estate.


Since 1983, Mr. Batis has actively engaged in the practice of real estate analysis, valuation counseling and allied fields. Scope of experience covers varied real estate valuation problems. Mr. Batis specializes in the valuation and analysis of agricultural, industrial and commercial properties.

Mr. Batis has extensive experience in the valuation of partial interests in property. He has been retained by energy and utility companies to provide opinions of just compensation for permanent and temporary easements for underground pipelines. Included in the scope of Mr. Batis’ services has been an analysis of damages and benefits to remainder properties as a result of an easement. In addition, Mr. Batis has been involved in the valuation of real estate pertaining to various highway projects which required an analysis of easements and analysis of damages to remainder properties.

Mr. Batis has been involved extensively with the valuation of agricultural properties throughout Illinois during the last 10 years. Mr. Batis has provided appraisal and consulting services, expert testimony and litigation support for Quantum Pipeline Company, Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America, NICOR, Kinder Morgan, Northern Border Pipeline Company, Alliance Pipeline L.C., Vector Pipeline Company, Guardian Pipeline, LLC, Enbridge Energy Company, Inc., Enterprise Pipeline, and Explorer Pipeline.

Mr. Batis has testified as an expert witness in numerous litigation matters, including eminent domain proceedings, zoning matters, and ad valorem matters. Mr. Batis has been appointed by the Circuit Court on several occasions to serve as a Commissioner regarding disputes over property values. Mr. Batis has been qualified as an expert witness in Circuit Court and Federal Court.


  • MAI Member 10299, Appraisal Institute, Since 1994.
  • State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser – State of Illinois
  • State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser – State of Indiana
  • Member of the International Right of Way Association (R/W-AC, Member #7482)
  • Approved Instructor for the Appraisal Institute
  • Approved Instructor by State of Illinois for Real Estate Continuing Education Courses


  • Joliet Catholic High School – Graduated 1980.
  • Joliet Junior College – 1980-1982.
  • College of Saint Francis, Joliet, Illinois – Graduated 1985, Bachelor of Business Administration, Management Major.


Market valuation appraisals on a broad range of property to serve many functions: sale, loan underwriting, tax and investment decisions, partial interest acquisition, etc. Mr. Batis has also completed Highest and Best Use Studies and Damage/Benefit Studies – either related or unrelated to value decisions in the same categories.


Clients served include school districts, governmental agencies, utility companies, energy companies, banks, savings and loans, mortgage companies, insurance companies, business corporations, attorneys and individuals.


Appraisal Institute                                               

  • 2014-2015 National USPAP Update Course, July 22, 2015, Columbus, OH
  • Business Practice and Ethics, March 3, 2015, Online Seminar
  • General Appraiser Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use, January 20-24, 2014, Chicago, IL
  • National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, June 28, 2012, Chicago, IL
  • General Appraiser Income Approach, Part I, October 17-20, 2011, Chicago, IL
  • National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, September 12, 2011, Chicago, IL
  • Condemnation Appraising, Principles and Applications, August 23-25, 2011, Chicago, IL
  • Using Your HP12C Calculator, October 20, 2009, Online Seminar
  • Business Practices and Ethics, October 14, 2009, Online Seminar
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  • Eminent Domain and Condemnation, September 22, 2009, Online Seminar
  • Appraising Environmentally Contaminated Properties, March 2, 2007, Portland, ME
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International Right of Way Association

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McKissock Data Systems

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National Highway Institute

  • Eminent Domain Training for Attorneys and Appraisers, April 9 – April 11, 2002, Springfield, IL 

American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers

  • Land Value Conference, March 14, 2013, Bloomington, IL
  • Cost Approach Applications, March 13, 2013, Bloomington, IL